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“Loving the natural in you comes natural to us”

Since the beginning, Black women have been the inspiration for SheaMoisture. So it’s only natural that they would be at the heart of our work. Our communities and businesses thrive because of the intelligence, dedication and ingenuity of Black women. They are our foundation and the reason we rise. “It Comes Naturally” takes you on a journey, and celebrates the rich legacy of Black women by recognizing their multifaceted roles as makers, nurturers, artisans, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Your purchase helps invest in the dreams of
Black women entrepreneurs.


people and their communities have benefited from your purchases since 2014.


Announced to support minority entrepreneurs.


Invested in Community Commerce programs.

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Because of you.

For you.

It takes vision, courage and boldness to create, own and operate a company. And then there is the extra step: the passion to run the business that adds meaning to your life and brings service to others. That’s why SheaMoisture is committed to partnering with you to help create the impact that will change the world. Each one of the following women has a unique story of creativity and resilience. Through Community Commerce, our purpose-driven way of doing business, and our $1 million dollar fund, we invest in these and other Black women entrepreneurs and communities. It's our way of saying thank you.

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Real women.

Real businesses.

Real impact.

To bring “It Comes Naturally” to life, we collaborated with six Black women artists, each with their own distinct perspective and voice, to represent the unique and diverse nature of our community. We are celebrating the diverse essence and legacy of Black women with real businesses, and how they are creating real impact in the world.  Artist Monica Ahanonu’s mural (to the right) highlights a handful of the amazing small business owners that are a part of the SheaMoisture Fund community.  Learn more about their individual stories here.

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