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2020 Social Justice
Coalition Participants

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Official Black Wall Street is a digital platform and app connecting consumers to Black-owned businesses, while giving Black entrepreneurs the resources and exposure needed to thrive. By combining technology, social impact, and cooperative economics, OBWS has cultivated a community of close to a million conscious consumers of all backgrounds. Using the app, users are able to find, review, and shop Black-owned businesses on a user-friendly app.

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Yemi Adewunmi

Civic Eagle is a civic technology company that's built a
smart, federal and state legislative tracking and public
policy collaboration software for advocates, lobbyists and policy professionals. Our innovative software solution has modernized the way advocacy groups discover and manage legislation, improving their workflow and reducing the
amount of time spent on tracking down important policy
issues by 75%.

We're on a mission to harness the power of technology in order to improve and increase democratic participation for all people. Our vision is to create the most innovative and effective technology that empowers all people’s ability to participate in the policies that impact them and the communities they belong to. Official Black Wall Street (OBWS) combines tech and social impact to increase the local economy in Black communities. Through cooperative economics, we give small Black business owners the exposure and resources they deserve to grow.

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Brandon Anderson

Raheem is the independent online service for
reporting police in the United States. 


According to the Department of Justice, more than 95 percent
of people who experience police violence do not report it
because most police departments require residents to file a complaint in-person, during business hours, and within 90 days. 


Raheem builds tech-solutions that decentralize the process of reporting police so that communities can easily report and track officer behavior and then leverage the open data to advance policies that shrink the role of the police and invest in safer alternatives. Raheem's mission is to end police terror against
Black people by making police behavior visible and accountable.

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Dr. Candice Fraser

Kiira is a telemedicine company connecting young women to trusted clinicians including OBGYN, Nurse practitioners, Midwives, and more available 24/7 via phone, video, or chat. Kiira health is a telehealth company revolutionizing women’s healthcare starting with the college and university population. Our mission is to increase access to women's health resources while providing a comfortable space for young women to actively seek care.

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The Gathering Spot is a membership club deeply rooted in community and culture. Founded in Atlanta in 2016, The Gathering Spot has become a hub of Black entrepreneurship, creativity, and political engagement with forthcoming locations in DC and LA. Members of the club have access to the club’s highly curated programming and to a diverse community of members that help to advance professional, social, and civic interests. We believe the opportunity is the byproduct of community and collaboration. Our mission is to help develop meaningful connections between members of the club while also curating experiences that will educate, inspire, and uplift our community.

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