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We're celebrating 30 years of elevating and investing in Black entrepreneurship. Now we want to make three eligible business owners millionaires using our recipes for business success. Will this be you? 

*Applications are now closed.*

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This is your chance     to grow your business

We want to hear your recipe for business success: What’s your secret ingredient? What legacy do you wish to pass down for those to come after you?

Share your recipe and document your journey to becoming a millionaire.

Receive $100,000
in innovation
seed funding 

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key ingredients


A new opportunity 
for 3 Black
Owned Business



in innovation
seed funding


a heap of access

to business leaders and successful founders

Season with

1:1 mentorship

and coaching from
New Voices Foundation


Take a
seat at the table

SheaMoisture has been serving Black entrepreneurs and

investing in the Black community for decades. To better serve you, we’re constantly reimagining our recipe for success.

Unjust barriers exist for Black entrepreneurs, including limited access
the considerable advantages that generational wealth and privilege provides. A crucial part of our recipe for eradication of the
$11 Trillion 
wealth gap is supporting entrepreneurs like you.

Join our growing community of entrepreneurs.

Build your recipe with SheaMoisture.

Mastering the Recipe

Black Wealth Creation = 
Lots of cooks + Many ingredients

While we alone can’t undo 400 years of oppression, for decades we’ve fought to level the playing field. The stark difference between the incomes and assets of white and Black households (also called the racial wealth gap) is a direct result of years of discriminatory practices and systemic inequality. This gap leaves Black communities in a perpetual state of decreased economic safety, among other challenges. In February we’ll be sharing some of our most cherished lessons and investments in closing the gap.

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SheaMoisture First Annual Impact

Key ingredients to Black wealth creation


Since 1991, SheaMoisture has been committed to uplifting Black communities across the world. Learn more about the decision that was made in 2017 to grow the company’s impact as a Black-founded and Black-led company. What’s happened since this decision?

Sign up to discover what the brand has to say in it’s first annual impact report.

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